Tag: J-character


  • Evernae

    Left home, which was with elves, when he was sixteen, because his guardian told him he would never rival any of the elven wizards, out of bitterness and now seeks vengeance against all fey wizards, believing that by proving himself stronger than them he …

  • Liencia

    Liencia grew up with her parents, who forced her to go to fighter school, and, after graduating, said parents told her to go do good in the world, and she made her way north, eventually reaching The Keep Just Barely Off The Borderlands.

  • Valian Silverfire

    Grew up in a family of high elves in a human city, made silver jewelry with them for a long time, did errands and such. One day, he started going to the temple of Hamainor, the god of law and order. He convinced his family to go worship once every two …