The Fifth Age

Stuck In A Dollhouse (J./Evernae Version, #9)

(In which Evernae barely escapes)

I, Evernae, was thrown into a life-sized dollhouse with all the grace of a dying swan in flight. I cursed the baby cloud giant, and picked and dusted myself off, noting angrily that I had a tear in my robes.

I fought some orcs or goblins, I don’t really remember which, and eventually reunited with the other half of the party that had been thrown in below us. There was a pixie that helped us escape the cloud giant’s domain, but it disappeared before I could kill it for knowing too much about us.

That was a joke. Mostly.

Anyway, we all got out (more or less) unharmed. We went down a beanstalk (of all the cliche things) and found ourselves back at Grandma’s home, or rather, the HHHH. There was a red and a black dragon there, and I bowed to them, flattering them as anyone who prizes their life should when dealing with ancient dragons, which these obviously were.

They apparently needed our help in getting either the ancient green dragon itself or one of its eyes in order to “read between the lines” of a book I’d acquired in the cloud giant’s domain. I had my reservations about helping dragons, but apparently they were bound to one of us somehow. The red or black to Alex, the other one of those to Eric, and the blue to me.

They proposed sending us on two simultaneous quests, one to go to the Prince of Shadows, as he was alleged to have the eye, and to the Elf Queen, who had the Green Dragon in captivity. I felt there was no room to decline, so I gracefully accepted. I would lead a group to the Elf Queen (An entity I have some mixed relations with) and Eric would lead the rest to the Prince of Shadows’ realm, in Shadowport.

And so, with that, we set off, saying farewell to Grandma and each other and getting a guide for each party from Grandma’s adventuring days.

My group began the trek across the land to the Elf Queen’s Domain – the Queen’s Wood – and heard wolf howls in the night.



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