The Fifth Age

Goblin Siege Part 2! (J./Evernae Version, #6)

(In which Evernae proceeds to run out of spells)

As I, Evernae, gazed over the surrounding area, I saw goblins come out of the brush, and I readied myself for battle. The others readied as well, and I saw two goblins stand out, one carrying a book and another with a dagger. The one with the book chanted, and the dagger began to rise, flying with the aid of some magic that I did not know, since it was pitiful goblin magic.

I fired magic missiles at the enemies, and eventually a reverse goblin pyramid came up to try to attack, but I destroyed the base goblin with magic missiles and many of them fell to their deaths. They deserved to die. They’re goblins, everyone’s enemy, and I was doing the world a service by sending them to their ends.

No one could have predicted how the dagger would do anything, but I saw it in time to dodge it, and it eventually buried itself in Valian Silverfire’s back. High elf cleric, why would he become a cleric if he’s a high elf? It makes no sense.

Anyway, I had to dodge the dagger twice more, and without any more spells, I was out of options, except my powerful illusions with which I made doppelgangers with, in order to protect myself, since I was the commander, and the commander must never fall.

We dispatched the goblins after a few people went and killed the chanter, and the rest was relatively easy. At some point Eric had grabbed the dagger and gotten pulled away by it, and apparently had killed the chanter along with some others.

After the battle, a goblin came and complained that we had given the wrong map. I laughed so hard, along with Eric. I think Eric was there, I’m not sure. Whatever. Anyway, I sent the goblin back, and returned inside to see Grandma and the others.



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