The Fifth Age

The First Adventure Continued! (J./Evernae Version, #2)
(Where Evernae Continues to Brag)

META: Evernae’s back, and he will continue the story! Onward!

So, I dodged out of the way of the first arrow that was shot towards me and my group. I immediately dismounted and fired a magic missile towards the source of the arrow, and I heard the screams of pathetic goblins being released from this existence. I saw Eric and Alex go and begin attacking, but an arrow hit me, and I fell to the ground, barely conscious, and Alex rushed over to me, placing a hand on my shoulder and shocking me into going on.

Eric had gone into the brush, but I fired off another magic missile while the companions we had were sitting on their horses, looking around aimlessly. I scoffed at them, and ran after the goblins, meeting up with Eric, while Alex followed me. The other two began to follow a goblin, while I thought it would be a better idea to get our companions to join us, useless as they might be, but then one of them fell into the pit, and I, using my extremely great intellect, cast an illusion of myself pointing at the goblin from behind it, so that when it turned around, it was greatly frightened.

We eventually tied the goblin up and brought it back to our companions, whom I will now call squires, as they are secondary in skill certainly to myself, and perhaps Alex and Eric as well. We eventually set out with our squires to track down Grandma, who had allegedly been taken by the so-called “Goblin King”. We followed the goblin, having tied its arms, but not its legs, so that it could walk and lead us. It lead us into a pit trap that hid an item that I cannot seem to remember what it was. Perhaps it was wiped from my mind by a powerful mage.

Getting back on track, we took a rest so that I could regain my lost spells that I had so intelligently used to defend myself, and, to a lesser extent, my companions. I had an interesting conversation with Eric, the halfling rogue, who seems to contradict me at every turn, saying she can do whatever she wants to. I disagree, as if the group does not have a solid base of power, there is no coordination, and things can go badly.

Anyway, we reached a cave, and left Alex and one of the clerics, a shy wood elf, to watch over the goblin captive, while the rest of us entered the cave. It was well lit, for being a cave, but nowhere near my standards for cavernous spaces. There was a crack in the wall on one side, but on the other there was an opening, so I decided that we would explore the opened side first, and then come back to investigate the other side if we didn’t find Grandma.

We reached a stone bridge, but then arrows came flying at us from upriver, since the bridge was over a river. I rushed over, and so did another of the squires, a human fighter named Liencia. She wielded two scimitars and looked mildly threatening, although she would pose no threat to me in a combat.

I threw a magic missile at the filth who were firing the arrows, who were no doubt goblins, and I heard more of the screams of inferiors being striped of their life. I smiled, knowing that I would not be able to finish all of them off, but that some would die very, very soon.

META: So, Evernae continues to be narcissistic and a great mage! Please become a fan! Thank you!

The First Adventure (J./Evernae Version, #1)
(Where Evernae Brags A Lot)

META: This is what Evernae would tell someone that wanted to know the story and who he couldn’t refuse, therefore not all this information is accurate.

Greetings, I’m Evernae. I’m Chaotic Neutral, human, and a wizard.

I was taking a stroll on a large cliff, when suddenly I was pushed off by a strong gust of wind that blew me over the edge. I survived with little more than scrapes because of my amazing arcane prowess, and a lesser being would be hurt much more severely. However, I seemed to have been knocked out from the sheer exhaustion of using my power in such a way that I had not prepared for.

I woke up in a small building that didn’t deserve the title, really; it needed quite a bit of work to make it passable for my standards. I met a dwarf named Grandma, and he was wearing a dress, holding a cage with a canary in it, and a set of bagpipes. Needless to say, I was unimpressed by his taste in music. My tastes lean more towards woodwinds and stringed instruments, but I digress.

Grandma went to get travel papers for two other people that had befallen similar circumstances as myself, as well as me. He said it would take a day for the full journey, but Grandma did not return within the time period he had specified. A halfling that must have been less than half my size suggested we go after Grandma, and I agreed, seeing that it would be impossible to travel around if I did not have travel papers. We convinced three other to assist us with our endeavor, making us a group of six.

We set out, but during our travels, we discovered Grandma’s set of bagpipes on the middle of the road, and the others were quite distressed, but I was expecting something similar, though perhaps not as annoying loud. I picked the bagpipes up with mage hand, and handed it to one of the three we had convinced to come with us. Then, an arrow came flying out of the brush at me, and I dodged with the skill of a wizard, knowing that a fight was forthcoming, and I prepared to destroy all who opposed me.

META: End of post, will post again when I have time. Until next time!


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