The Fifth Age

Wolf Howls and Rivers and Trees, Oh My! (J./Evernae Version, #10)

(In which Evernae proceeds to be mostly awesome)

Disclaimer: Evernae tells the story how he thinks it will make him look good – not necessarily a paragon of the truth. However, it seems that his writings are the only ones that survive the test of time, so they must either be so good that people replicate them a lot or he just chose high-quality paper to write on.

I, Evernae, woke in the night to wolf howls. I immediately debated waking the others, but decided to stay, as we needed our rest and the sentry could certainly do their job. I think it was that High Elf, Valian Silverfire, who was on duty. He’s useful, mostly when he’s healing me. And others. But mostly me.

Anyway, the next morning, I discussed the wolf howls, and everyone agreed that we should press on, while being wary of the possibility of attack. We continued on edge for a few days, until we reached the Queen’s Wood, at which point the howls stopped, and we were instead being followed by dryads. Fortunately, I knew Sylvan (and still do), so I convinced them that we were simple adventurers headed for work in the nearest town.

Of course, we had to make a stop in this town, which was unremarkable in its entirety. There was, fortunately for us, no work to be had, and so we could continue on to search for the Gold Leaf, that our guide had told us that we needed to “Enter the Dream” to get the Green Dragon to “Read Between the Lines”.

We reached the Gold Leaf tree, which I believe also happens to be a river, and I talked to the tree in Sylvan, trying to figure out what the Gold Leaf was. Apparently I could either get the Gold Leaf, or a different gold item whose name escapes me at the moment. I chose the Gold Leaf, and then our guide led us to a pool of water where I needed to throw the Gold Leaf in, and I did, and then I had to jump in the pool of water within five or ten seconds – which is the amount of time it takes a humanoid to completely cease brain function after having its head chopped off.

Regardless, I jumped in, and so did everyone else, and so we entered… The Dream.



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