The Fifth Age

Running From Dragons... And Goblins... And Anything Else We Encounter (J./Evernae Version, #8)

(In which Evernae proceeds to run away)

I, Evernae, saw the dragons and felt my heartbeat began to rise. Slightly. Not too much, but enough that I could notice. I saw the old goblin motioning to me and the rest of my companions, and I followed him, knowing we had no choice in the matter if dragons were after us.

The old goblin led us down to a spiraling dirt… thing that led us into what seemed like an underground cavern, where we were beset upon by skeletons. I helped kill some, but the others had gotten the rest very quickly, for which I was grateful for. Slightly.

The old goblin led us onto another place in the cavern, at which point we went up a spiraling dirt… thing, and bones began to pile up, and up, and up! I made it out alive, barely, and it turns out that someone had twisted a bone in the wall to make this happen, and I managed to turn it back and save everyone.

When we got out of the cavern, the old goblin left us as a goblin war-band was coming upon us. The pages in my pack were pulling me, and once one got out, it hovered above the ground, wavering ever so slightly, and I put my foot on it. It stayed, so I decided to let the rest out, as this could be our only hope to live another day and evade the goblins who were seeking the Book of Catapults, which I figured out that the book I had the pages of was, without any help from the old goblin whatsoever. Nope, none.

The Book of Catapults, as I aptly named it, was a book that contained a spell, or rather, a few spells. Two were weak spells, centered around pulling or shooting something somewhere. Two were more powerful, centered around pulling or shooting something somewhere very far away. The last one I cannot speak of, since it was too powerful for mortals such as you to comprehend.

Of course, I comprehended it quite easily.

Irregardless, I continued walking up the steps as the goblins drew ever closer, and an arrow almost hit me from afar, but I was far too nimble for it to do so. As we got up into the clouds, we saw a cavern in the sky that we camped out in, and then began to explore. Half of us went one way, and half the other at a fork in the cave.

My group evaded rising acid and used a chain elevator to get up past where the acid was rising to. The goblins were still after my book, so I created an illusion of it and threw it to a goblin, who I then sent falling into the acid with some acid of my own on the chain holding him up.

I never liked the smell of acid-burnt goblin flesh.

Regardless, we got into a huge room and rode a large stuffed bird down to safety. Or, should I say, danger, with Driders and a gigantic cat on the ground. I tricked the cat into fighting the Driders, and then was about to get everyone out of the room, and we all took about five steps to get out.

But no sooner had we done that than a baby cloud giant came and snatched us all away to its home.



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