The Fifth Age

Ogre Attack Part 2! (J./Evernae Version, #4)

(In which Evernae recognizes he doesn't have the skill with scimitars Liencia has)

I, Evernae the great, watched in fascination as Liencia stared down the ogre for an instant, while it stared back. Then they began to fight.

Now, in that instant after they began, I recognized that I would never have the skill with scimitars that Liencia has. I am the greatest wizard alive, but Liencia may be on the way to greatness in her chosen path as well. The others began to fire various weapons to try to kill it, but the duel between Liencia and the ogre was amazing to watch. Liencia parried one of its strikes with a scimitar, cutting off its arm, and it roared in rage. Dodging a hammer fist, she struck again, this time at its midsection. It tried to kick Liencia, but she was too quick. She gracefully, almost as graceful as me, delivered the final blow; a double strike with her scimitars to the upper midsection, having jumped up to do so, and it toppled over, dead.

I clapped, mildly impressed by the display, but I’m rather certain no one heard or saw me do it. Liencia looked like she was considering running after the goblins that had no doubt run further into the cave, but a consensus was reached; we had gotten what we’d come for, and there was no reason to stay any longer.

We set out for the Keep Just Barely Off The Borderlands, but when we got there, it was under attack by several goblins, though some lay dead by efforts not our group’s own. We cleaned the rest up and three other people in the Home For The Homely Homeless were revived by the efforts of our clerics.

We found a paper of what looked like, to my trained eyes, a goblin battle map with three waves of increasing numbers of soldiers. I informed everyone, and we got to work securing the Keep Just Barely Off The Borderlands.



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