The Fifth Age

Ogre Attack! (J./Evernae Version #3)

(In which Evernae continues his journey to greatness)

I, Evernae, after the rest of the group I lead got past the bridge, brought them to a wall with strange goblin runes. I never learned Goblin, since it’s a pathetic language, just like its inferior users. There were four different runes, with three over a single indentation into the stone, and then a fourth character over several more. Eric, the halfling coward, looked at something and got scared, but when I looked, there wasn’t anything there, so obviously Eric was hallucinating. Most likely the result of an illusory spell that I was powerful enough to resist subconsciously.

Anyway, we all went past this ridiculously long wall filled with skulls and such, and Liencia picked out a hand-sized mirror. I might have wanted it had it not been in a cave with goblins. Continuing on, we came to another bridge after hearing quite a few goblin footsteps. A fight ensued in which I was again the savior of our group, killing the most goblins strategically with magic missiles. However, while they were on the bridge, Eric and Alex got swept away by a raging torrent that the goblins had no doubt engineered with the help of a greater being. Just what forces are at play here? I wondered. I put it out of my mind and decided that Liencia and I should go back and meet up with the clerics, since Liencia was wounded.

Liencia saw Eric standing on the first bridge we had crossed, and called to her, telling her to meet up with us in the room with the indentations in the stone. She apparently agreed, which came as a great shock to me, since Eric is nothing if not contrarian.

We met up, then went and found the others, going back and then deciding to go the way that had recently been smashed through, it looked like, where there had previously been just a crack. We started going in, and we saw Grandma, chained to a wall, along with a handful of goblins. I had expended my spells, since I had not been given the chance to rest, so I cast illusions of myself to enhance my chances of surviving, as well as one of Eric. The reason for the latter is unknown to me, my judgement must have been impaired by the amount of adrenaline in my veins. The goblin filth the others had foolishly brought escaped and went away with the goblin king, but Liencia followed them, only to find an ogre staring her in the face. I pitied her. Slightly.



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