The Fifth Age

Leaving the HHHH (J./Evernae Version, #7)

(In which Evernae sheds no tears about leaving Grandma)

A/N: I realized I haven’t updated this in a while, so I decided I’d get back into it and not let it go the way of our 4E campaign… Which is to say, dead.

I, Evernae , left the HHHH after Grandma told us to leave, since we were in danger from the goblins, and a paper we had acquired was pulling us towards an unknown location, so there was no reason to stay.

We followed the paper, and eventually got to an open field with two towers made of wood – well, they weren’t really towers, more like tree houses without a tree. Except for the dead trees made with it. Anyway, we decided to knock them down, since the paper was pulling towards one of them.

Liencia decided to go medieval on one of them, while Volc decided to take out the other one. They both came tumbling down, and an old goblin was in one of them, injured by the fall. One of our clerics healed him after he was judged not to be a threat.

Then, two dragon-shaped shadows began circling on the ground, and I looked up to see a blue and a red dragon – huge, terrifying dragons.



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