The Fifth Age

Goblin Siege Part 1! (J./Evernae Version #5)

(In which Evernae proceeds to show off his knowledge of strategy)

I, Evernae, began to order the people with strength to build fortifications and shallow pit traps, in a hope to give us the advantage in the coming battle. I had them barricade a door with chopped logs, and set two shallow pits in front the two entrances to the keep. I also ordered the fortification of a window, so that the goblins would not be able to break in that way.

Eventually, I had set all those with skill with ranged weapons on the roof, and those who wielded melee ones at the two entrances. I knew that we would win, but I decided against trying to give an inspirational speech to the warriors under my command, since I had no idea how they’d take it.

A singular goblin came back, waving a white flag. I ordered all my forces to cease fire, and to hear it out. It told us that they’d left their battle map at the keep, the very map I had in my possession. I had a brilliant idea then – To modify the map to make them fall into our traps more! Eric helped slightly, for which I am slightly grateful.

I used my mage hand to give it to the goblin, and he scampered back all the way to his camp in the bushes, laughing, while I was chortling, along with Eric. We prepared for battle, but I knew we would win. I just did.



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